Intention (Rationale)







·         To immerse our young people into an exciting engaging biology curriculum that allows them to reconnect with learning to develop lifelong learning skills – linked to cross curricular activities.

·         clearly presented in a methodical and logical order, creating strong links between subjects within the wider curriculum so that the student feels it is one single pathway of learning that spirals in detail as the learning progresses creating a deep-rooted level of knowledge and understanding.

·         We support and encourage our pupils, by understanding their individual needs, to have the confidence in their ability to learn, providing a rich and engaging curriculum that challenges our pupils to develop a broad and rich understanding of their world.











We will provide:

·         An environment that recognises the individual needs of each pupil ensuring that SEMH needs are met at each step of delivery

·         .A biology curriculum that is both age and development based that combines the acquisition of knowledge and development of skills to create a meaningful pathway for SEMH students

·         A scheme of work that challenges our people to go deeper, ask more questions and develop strong independent research skills integrating important PSHE topics such as RSE and SMSC themes.

·         Resilient, highly skilled, compassionate, and experienced teaching staff that work together to ensure the positive behaviour of each pupil allowing their resilience to grow and develop through learning.

·         An innovative, exciting, and integrated curriculum recognising the unique needs of our cohort that is appropriately differentiated to allow each pupil to properly access and move through it.












·         Engage and access in the biology curriculum to support starting points in relation to end goals.

·         Be able to show progress in biology through termly assessments thus improving confidence, success, personal responsibility, and esteem

·         Students develop a range of knowledge that will help to keep themselves healthy and safe as they mature into adulthood.

·         Use of gap analysis allows focused and personalised teaching to ensure maximum learning for each pupil.